Preparing Your Property for Fall Pests

Fall can be beautiful in the Northeast. With our plethora of bright-colored fall foliage and crisp cool air, the changing seasons can bring renewed energy and newfound hope. But not everything about autumn is pleasant. When the season changes and the cool air returns here in Pennsylvania, so do the indoor pests. Many insects retreat indoors, seeking shelter from the upcoming cold, and make themselves right at home in our humble abodes. Which home invaders are the most common? And along with investing in professional pest control services, what else can you do to prevent them? Read on as we tell you how. 

A few common pests seeking fall refuge in your home include:

Stink Bug

Called a stink bug because of the foul odor they release when threatened, these numerous home invaders are wide, shield-shaped, and approximately ½ inch long. They are not dangerous or harmful to your home but can harm flowers and vegetables

Asian Lady Beetle

Often confused with ladybugs, these annoying insects congregate along windowsills leaving a yellow, smelly liquid on the surface. They begin entering the home during the fall seeking shelter for the winter. 


Most of us are familiar with cockroaches. These bottom feeders have six legs, are two inches in length, and have two antennas. These challenging pests are fast breeders and are often resistant to pesticides. They carry bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella, and exposure to cockroach feces can trigger allergies and asthma.


These creepy-looking insects, with their hundreds of long thin legs, move around super fast, running along walls and under furniture. While they are harmless and only dangerous to other insects they feed upon, an abundance of them can signify you have another underlying pest problem. 


These tear-dropped-shaped insects are silver with shiny bodies. They glide along super fast and hide in books and other areas where paper, cardboard, and fabric are stored. Silverfish are not harmful but can destroy your property. 

Boxelder Bug

These structure-invading pests are about ½ an inch in length and black with red-rimmed wings. Boxelder bugs typically feast on boxelder and other trees, but in the fall, they, like the other pests on our list, look for cracks and holes behind the siding of homes to shelter for the winter.  

Ways to Prevent Pests From Gaining Entry Into Your Home

Now that we understand the most common home invaders, what are some of the most effective ways to help prevent these pesty creatures from gaining access to our residences in the first place?

Seal Cracks and Crevices

Begin by sealing all gaps and cracks inside and outside your home. Check inside for holes and gaps around windows and doors. On the outside, focus on your siding, the roof, and gaps around utility lines. Seal any holes you find with caulking

Keep Trash Sealed and Recyclables Rinsed

If your trash is unsealed, the smell of leftover food may attract pests including, insects. Keep all trash cans sealed with tight lids and stored inside your garage until trash day. If you recycle, rinse out all containers to eliminate food and smells before putting them in the recycling bin. 

Limit Access to Nesting Areas Around Your Home

Remove clutter and keep leaf and grass clippings away from around the foundation of your home. Prune any trees and shrubs touching or close to your home.

Store all Food in Containers

When it comes to food, certain pests such as cockroaches can chew through the cardboard and thin plastic that many of our food comes packaged in. Ants are tiny enough that they can sneak into ordinary jars and holes. If you suspect an infestation or are finding signs of insects inside your kitchen, transfer all food items to air-tight containers. When in doubt, keep as much food in the refrigerator or place already packaged food inside sealed bins. 

Unclog Drains

Adult drain flies and other pests love clogged drains because of the moist environment they provide. Keep them unclogged and help prevent bugs from breeding inside your sink.

Control Moisture Levels

Check areas behind toilets, under sinks, and throughout basements for moisture. Many insects, such as ants, termites, and cockroaches, are drawn to moist areas. Fix leaking pipes and faucets. If needed, place a dehumidifier to dry wet areas in the basement. 

Obtain Professional Pest Control Services With Seitz Bros.

Keep your family and pets safe and invest in residential pest control services with the professional technicians at Seitz Brothers. Our highly knowledgeable and trained exterminators will start with a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your home. Seitz Brothers pest control technicians are trained to spot the early warning signs of pest control problems.

After inspection, you’ll receive our Home Protection Plan. Our Home Protection Plan considers factors such as your style of home, the current level of infestation, and even the breeding cycle of the pests involved. With our highly effective program, you get rid of your existing problems and prevent new ones from entering your home. Contact Seitz Brothers today. Call 570-225-0034 now or get a free estimate here.