We, as members of the Pennsylvania Pest Control Association provide inspection and property services concerning wood destroying insects on behalf of sellers of real estate in Pennsylvania to buyers, mortgage lenders, and government insurers. Seitz Brothers inspectors have all participated in the wood destroying inspection accredidation program. Seitz Brothers has a commitment to professionalism and proficiency in the reporting of wood destroying insect inspections of homes and other structures.

What is a wood destroying Insect Inspection?

This visual inspection is performed on readily accessible areas including basements, crawl spaces and attic areas which are prone to wood destroying insects. Our WDI certificate is accepted by all leading institutions.

Each Seitz Brothers inspector has passed a comprehensive wood destroying Insect training course.

Why would I choose Seitz Brothers?

The course mentioned above provides training and instruction on many areas including:

  • Complete understanding of subterranean termites
  • Complete understanding of of wood destroying insects (carpenter ants, carpenter bees, old house borers, powder post beetles and others)
  • Step by step inspection instruction
  • Tools needed to perform an inspection

This means, when working with a Seitz brothers Inspector , you’ve chosen someone with experience who has taken the time and made the commitment to become highly knowledgeable in the process of wood destroying insect inspection and reporting.

Why inspect?

Every year thousands of homes are attacked by termites or other wood destroying insects. Home buyers need to know if these pests are present before investing money.

Is the inspection for termites only?

No! The subterranean termite is the #1 wood destroying pest in the US hence it’s name is often attached to the so called “Termite Report”

There are other wood destroying insects that will also be included in the report such as:

  • Wood borer beetles
  • Powder post beetles: small beetles whose larva feeds in hardwoods such as oak
  • Old House borers: large beetles whose larvae feed in soft
  • Carpenter ants- usually possible when moisture problems are common in the area
  • Carpenter bees- usually attack untreated wood.

If evidence of infestation is found a Seitz brothers inspector will will recommend and may propose an appropriate treatment.

What happens if wood destroying insect damage is observed?

Damage is an alarming term. It may be superficial or quite extensive. Damage is evidence of infestation , but evidence may not include damage. When damage is found, Seitz Brother always recommends a qualified building contractor.

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