Bed Bug Control in PA & NJ – Elimination Done Right

Bed bugs are a nuisance pest that are difficult to get rid of once they have infested your home. These tiny pests use humans as a source of food and create an uncomfortable, and often, an impossible living environment. When dealing with bed bugs, total elimination of the adult bed bugs and their eggs is the goal. If the pests are not completely removed and eliminated from the home, the infestation cycle will reoccur repeatedly. As part of our bed bug services, Seitz Bros. offers both Heat Treatment and Liquid Bed Bug treatment to eliminate the infestation quickly and thoroughly, so you can rest easy in your home again.

Importance of Bed Bug Control

When left uncontrolled, bed bugs can infest your entire home. Even though they are called “bed” bugs, the pests are known to find other places to hide while waiting to feed. Hiding places in the home can include the sofa and chair seams, between cushions, electrical receptacles, curtains, behind wall hangings, underneath loose wallpaper, and in cracks and crevices around walls and baseboards. Away from home, bed bugs are adept at traveling and can hide inside luggage, totes, backpacks, and inside taxi, bus, train, and plane seats.

Once an area is infested, do-it-yourself products are not effective at eliminating the entire bed bug population. To achieve a pest-free home, you need the services of the professional team at Seitz Bros. who have the experience and treatment plans to do the job quickly, efficiently, and with positive results.

Heat Treatment for Proven Success

When you want fast action against a bed bug infestation, our professional staff can eliminate a bed bug population from start to finish in just 12 hours using our heat treatment.

Once our technicians are on site, they will use specialized equipment to elevate room temperatures. Throughout the treatment, technicians carefully adjust the temperature to reach the point of extermination of all bed bugs including the eggs.

The heating process is enhanced using high temperature fans to eliminate cool spots and ensure temperatures reach to the point of complete extermination. Temperature probes are placed strategically throughout the heated area while remote infrared thermometers verify temperatures have reached a critical level.

Our process is designed to eliminate bed bugs even in small cracks and crevices. By pressurizing the room, heat is forced into those small openings, resulting in extermination even in the smallest of hiding spots. 

Liquid Bed Bug Treatment

We also offer a conventional treatment as an alternative to our heat treatment. With this process, treatments are administered over multiple visits and there is no “prep work” for our customers to deal with. This means no removing beds, box springs, or mattresses prior to our technicians arriving to apply the first treatment.

Over a four- to six-week period, our technicians will apply between three and six treatments. The number of treatments and the time span for applying the products will depend on how severe the infestation is in your home.

To ensure we disrupt the bed bug lifecycle and eliminate active bed bugs as well as any pests that are being reproduced and incubated, treatments are scheduled seven to 10 days apart.

Whenever our technicians are applying treatments, they will be using a variety of products to ensure the bed bugs are eradicated.

Once all treatments are applied over the designated period, our customers have the option to request regular bed bug inspections by our team.

Contact Seitz Bros. for Bed Bug Control

At Seitz Bros., we care about providing our customers with quality services that ensure homes will be pest free and stress-free. We are family-owned and have provided pest solutions to the community since 1975. Our staff stays up-to-date with training programs on all phases of pest control to be sure each one is prepared with the technical and safety knowledge necessary to do a thorough job. Whether you have a concern about bed bugs, or they have already infested your home, contact us immediately, so we can evaluate the problem and devise a customized plan of action.