Birds and bats are important parts of the local ecosystem, but when they get into your home or business, they can be irritating, destructive, and even pose a potential health hazard. At Seitz Bros. offer bird & bat control services to address any bird or bat infestation, so we can ensure the continued success of your business and protect your and your family’s well-being.

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Bird Control in PA

Birds may not be most peoples’ idea of a pest, but when they take up residence on your property, they have the potential to inflict damage. To ensure they and their young will not be disturbed, birds will often choose to build their nests in nooks and crannies like gutters, rafters, and around HVAC units.

At this point, there is a risk of twigs, leaves, and other debris clogging vents or bird droppings contaminating the air that flows through your home or business. Bird droppings can also carry pathogens that cause disease, and eat away at paint and varnish in addition to creating unsightly stains.

If you notice that birds have begun to settle in around your property, you can rest assured that our expert technicians are prepared to drive them away. We have a number of low-impact bird control methods which will effectively eliminate the infestation without inconveniencing your family, customers, or employees.

To keep smaller birds away, we can install a sticky waterproof gel on surfaces where they would otherwise perch or nest. Other options include wire barriers and unobtrusive spikes.

Bat Control in PA

While most other pests make their way into your home in search of food, water, or shelter, bats often end up flying through a window or trapping themselves in your attic or chimney by accident—because they were startled or in the process of fleeing from a potential predator.

Pregnant female bats are the major exception to this rule, since they may see an opening around your home as an opportunity to provide a safe area to nest, give birth, and nurse their offspring. While closing doors and windows goes a long way towards preventing bats from getting into your home, you should consider sealing up any and all cracks and crevices, since bats can squeeze through openings just an inch or two wide.

Bats are very good at keeping to themselves, so much so that many property owners have gone months or even years without being aware that bats have nested in the attic of their home or business.

Some of the telltale signs of an infestation are droppings, urine stains on walls and insulation, a strong smell similar to that of ammonia, and squeaking or scratching noises. If a bat gets lost and cannot find its way back into the attic, you may see one fly into your bedroom or closet.

Bats have the potential to cause serious harm to humans. Since they carry pathogens that can cause disease, coming into contact with one puts your health at risk. Even dealing with their droppings can cause you to contract histoplasmosis, an infection that presents with flu-like symptoms including fever and chills, chest pain, and joint pain.

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    Trust Seitz Bros. For Bird & Bat Control

    For the sake of your well-being, the health of your family, and your business, you should contact a professional pest control service as soon as you notice the signs of a bird or bat infestation on your property. Attempting to solve the problem yourself can actually worsen an infestation, and doing nothing will allow pests to breed and cause more damage.

    Especially in the case of bats, it is important to keep in mind that some species are actually protected by federal law, so it would be especially unwise to disturb them without guidance from a licensed professional.

    We offer free quotes on all of our services, and our technicians serve most towns and cities in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. We are able to work around your schedule to provide a friendly, effective pest control service. If any uninvited critters have made themselves at home on your property, don’t hesitate to give us a call!