Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial business owner, if you see carpenter bees or evidence of their activity, it isn’t a situation to ignore or put on hold. Experiencing an active carpenter bee infestation is stressful and dangerous. At Seitz Bros., we make the process of finding, treating, and eliminating the problem a quick and efficient process.

Closeup of a carpenter bee with white background - bee removal with Seitz Brothers in Tamaqua PA
Wood damaged by carpenter bees - protect your home from carpenter bees with Seitz Brothers in Tamaqua PA

Carpenter Bee Habitats

Carpenter bees build their nests in wood. They can be found nesting in wood piles and in structural pieces of buildings such as rafters, siding, decks, fascia boards, and wood shake roofs.

Carpenter bees pose a danger to wood whether it is part of a garage, shed, home, or business facility. The bees chew through the wood, preferably unpainted or unvarnished, so they can tunnel through the soft wood to build nests.

Dangers of Carpenter Bees

The hollowed tunnels created for their nests result in structural damage to your property. You may see multiple finger-sized holes in the wood that the bees used as the entry and exit point to their nests.

Attempting to remove carpenter bees on your own can result in physical dangers. The male carpenter bee does not sting, but it will show signs of aggressiveness as a scare tactic if it feels threatened or if the nest is disturbed. The female carpenter bee can sting and will do so multiple times if she or the nest is disturbed, or she perceives the nest is in danger. People allergic to bee stings may experience a serious reaction if stung.

To prevent harm to your home or business’s customers and clients, our technicians handle the problem using our products and techniques, ensuring the treatment and elimination process is handled safely from start to finish.

Carpenter bee burrowed in wood - Stop carpenter bees from invading your buildings with Seitz Brothers in Tamaqua PA


    Closeup of a carpenter bee with white background - bee removal with Seitz Brothers in Tamaqua PA

    Carpenter Bee Control in PA

    Carpenter bees are common in both Pennsylvania. Ridding your home or business of a bee infestation and providing carpenter bee control of the property involves using several methods, which may include insecticides, liquid sprays designed for bees, and sealing the holes they have created to prevent future usage and additional structural damage. Here at Seitz Bros., we have the training and experience to control the problem. We complete a thorough inspection of the property to find the source(s) of the bee infestation, identify the type of bee, then design a plan to remove the bees, and implement it to remove the bees safely and efficiently.

    Benefits of Our Residential and Commercial Pest Control Plan

    Our goal at Seitz Bros. is to provide complete satisfaction for every customer. If you need ongoing help with a carpenter bee infestation, we offer two plans designed to ensure your residential and commercial properties stay pest-free all year-round. Choose from our Monthly Maintenance or Quarterly Maintenance plans.

    Monthly Maintenance Plan

    With our Monthly Plan, we will schedule 12 visits during the year to inspect your property for signs of carpenter bees and treat the affected area(s) to control and eliminate any new breeding or nesting. Included in the Monthly Plan are unlimited visits, free of charge if we need to send a technician to assess a carpenter bee problem in-between scheduled visits.

    Quarterly Maintenance Plan

    Our Quarterly Maintenance plan includes scheduled visits four times a year. One of our professional technicians will visit your property in the spring to do an exterior inspection and treatment to prevent carpenter bees from building their nests.

    During the summer, another inspection and treatment visit is scheduled. The fall inspection covers the areas in and around your property looking for potential pest problems followed by a treatment to prevent activity. The winter visit includes an interior and exterior inspection for signs of active pests.

    The quarterly maintenance plan also includes unlimited re-service visits at no charge if there is a need to dispatch a technician between scheduled visits.

    Commercial Carpenter Bee Control

    For our commercial customers, after our team completes an in-depth inspection, an integrated pest control plan is designed specifically for your industry. From distribution centers, healthcare facilities, hotels, and restaurants to food processing plants, retail food stores, and schools, we’ll handle the problem without interfering with your daily business operations.

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    Schedule a Free Exterminator Quote

    When you need help with a carpenter bee infestation, give Seitz Bros. Pest Control a call or use our online form to schedule a free estimate. Our expert team is standing by to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our inspection and treatment process, products used, plan options, or any other information you need.