Ants, Fruit Flies, and Mosquitos – How to Handle Summer Pests

Summer is a time for enjoying the warmer weather outdoors with friends and family. The last thing you want ruining your summer soiree is pests! Warm weather loving pests like ants, fruit flies, and mosquitoes can cause a big annoyance when it comes to taking advantage of the outdoors during summertime. While you might think these summer pests just go along with life, there’s help to be had. Professional pest control specialists can assist in protecting your property against summertime annoyances. Let’s learn about some common summer pests and how you can avoid them before you call in the professionals for help.


There are a variety of ants that may ruin your summer picnic. The most common ants you’ll find in Pennsylvania are the pavement ant, the odorous house ant, and the carpenter ant. Each ant can cause its own problems.

Pavement ants

This ant is aptly named due to its proclivity for existing in and around sidewalks and other paved surfaces. They are particularly attracted to warm, moist environments and often infest kitchens or bathrooms as these places are frequently wet. They love feeding on sweet things like juice, but also eat cheese, plants, and even garbage. 

Odorous house ant

The odorous house ant is recognized by its unpleasant smell. This specific type of ant is common throughout the country. They prefer to search for food along moist routes, so you will typically spot them on counters in the kitchen or on the sides of your windows. 

Carpenter ant

As the name implies, the carpenter ant loves wood. These ants are some of the most destructive types in the species. They burrow into moist wood where they make their homes. They’ll then create tunnels as the population grows, which then compromises your structure.  

While ants don’t cause direct harm to humans, they are an annoyance and, in the case of carpenter ants, possibly costly. You certainly want to take care of an ant problem quickly as they can multiply fast with ant control services from Seitz Bros.

Fruit Flies

Often it seems like fruit flies are a hallmark sign of summer. But why do these pesky pests descend upon our kitchens once the weather gets warm? Fruit flies are attracted to ripe, decayed, or rotting fruits and vegetables. They can breed in drains, garbage disposals, mop buckets, and trash cans. These little annoyances can reproduce rapidly, with females laying about 500 eggs that hatch within just 24 hours. That means once you have a fruit fly, you already have a problem. 

There are many DIY methods of controlling fruit flies, usually by setting out traps, but professionals can quickly make a plan and help you get these pests out of your home. Don’t waste your precious summer months battling bugs that are fighting you for your fresh produce!


While the first two pests we’ve covered are mostly an annoyance rather than a danger, mosquitoes are definitely both. These summer lovers thrive in warm, wet conditions and feed on humans. We’ve all experienced an itchy, inflamed mosquito bite, but these pests also carry the possibility of disease as well. Things like Zika virus, dengue fever, and West Nile virus are spread through infected mosquitoes. 

A simple citronella candle won’t defeat these persistent pests. Mosquitoes live and breed on still water sources. Something as small as a bottle cap filled with water can create a breeding ground. Pest control specialists, like those at Seitz Bros., can develop a preventative plan to keep mosquitoes at bay on your property. That way, you can enjoy the precious summer days without the threat of being feasted upon. 

Getting Summer Pest Help

Bringing in pest control professionals to help with your summer bug problems can save a lot of time and money. Pest control experts, like those at Seitz Bros., have decades of experience in treating a wide variety of pests. 

Our technicians are trained to spot early signs of pest problems. We focus on both treating and preventing pests so you can feel safe and secure in your home and yard. We’re always learning the newest methods and technologies that control pests yet keep your family, four-legged and two-legged, safe.

If you’ve found yourself with a pest problem or simply want to prevent one from happening, contact us today to learn more.