Whenever a mosquito infestation is around your home or business, it can make time outside miserable for anyone on your property. When mosquitoes are impacting the comfort and safety of your home or business, it is time to call in the professionals at Seitz Bros. Pest Control.

Importance of Mosquito Control in PA & NJ

Mosquitoes reproduce quickly, greatly impacting the population. A female mosquito can lay on average 100 eggs at one time. While a male mosquito has a lifespan of about a week or less, a female’s average lifespan is around six weeks. During that time, she will continue to lay eggs, which can develop in less than a week, and can result in thousands of new mosquitoes.

Not only are mosquitoes a nuisance with their biting, those bites can also become problematic as mosquitoes are known carriers of several diseases that include the Zika virus, Malaria, Dengue Fever, and West Nile Virus.

With their itchy bites, quick reproduction rate, and the health risk associated with mosquitos, it’s important to have a plan to protect yourself and remove them from your property. At Seitz Bros., we eliminate and control an infestation with our comprehensive Mosquito Protection Plan. When you leverage this service, you and your loved ones, pets, customers and clients are able to be bite-free whenever they are outdoors.

Mosquito Attractors

Water is a main attractor for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes need water to lay their eggs. Water that can accumulate in any type of container after watering plants, flowers, and garden areas, or after it has rained make for excellent breeding grounds.

Containers can be anything that allows water to stand and not drain such as clogged gutters, downspouts, bird baths, the trays you place under a flowerpot, a pet’s water dish, decorative outdoor water fountain, buckets, or anything that has a recessed area that can hold water. Even something as small as a discarded bottle cap can attract breeding mosquitoes.  

Sources of water such as rivers, ponds, swamps, or wetlands are all attractants for mosquitoes. Properties containing or near these sources may be more susceptible to an infestation. While you may do everything possible to eliminate standing water on your property, if a neighbor is not as diligent, an infestation on their property can still impact your time outside.

Professional Services vs. Do-It-Yourself Remedies

When a mosquito infestation is creating a problem, homeowners and business owners may try to rid the property of mosquitoes on their own. This can include using over-the-counter insecticide products to spray around the property, which can be harmful not only to native pollinators, but also to loved ones and pets. People can experience acute and chronic health issues when exposed to pesticides.

Products created for mosquito control usually contain the active ingredient known as DEET. A product using DEET does not kill mosquitoes, it only repels, often leaving the infestation intact. DEET can also create health problems for some individuals such as eye irritation and rashes.

Home remedies using natural products are also an option for those attempting to rid their property of a mosquito infestation. While this approach may work as a repellent for the immediate problem and provides a safer alternative to chemical sprays, it is not designed to provide a permanent solution.

Leveraging the expertise of a professional pest control specialist can completely eliminate mosquitoes from your property, quickly and effectively. We also help to protect your home from future infestations. 

When you contact Seitz Bros. Pest Control and schedule an appointment, one of our technicians will inspect your property to determine the areas that attract and contain mosquito infestations. Once the areas are identified, a customized treatment plan will be created.

When the treatment process is applied to the targeted areas, it will begin to work immediately, reducing and eliminating the current infestation. With scheduled ongoing treatments, your property can be mosquito free.

Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

With the first signs of a mosquito infestation, contact us by phone or by filling out our convenient online form to schedule evaluation and get a free quote. Our highly trained and friendly technicians are ready to help create a residential or commercial property environment that is free of annoying and harmful mosquitoes and pests!


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