When you see ants in and around your home or business, it may not send up an immediate red flag. After all, most ants are just a nuisance. But ant infestations get harder to control the longer they’re left alone, and some ant species can do damage to your property. Don’t let ants take control of your home – call Seitz Bros. today for fast and effective ant control solutions in Pennsylvania.

Ant Control Solutions in PA

If you own a home in Pennsylvania, chances are you have tangled with ants at some point previously. Perhaps you’ve given store-bought ant baits or ant traps a try. These can work to lessen the infestation but rarely solve the problem because ants are relentless. To get rid of your ant problem, it’s important to work with an experienced ant control company.

Why Trust Us Professional Ant Control Expert?

  • We will determine the type of ants, the scale of the infestation, and the best and most effective treatments (for example, some ants like sugars while others like proteins).
  • We will find all nests, whether they’re inside the home or out, and use treatments that eliminate the colony – not just the ants you can see.
  • We use products that have long-lasting effects, so you get long-lasting peace of mind
  • We will install a protective barrier around the home.
  • Our licensed professionals have years of experience providing outstanding service to local homeowners.
  • We do it so you don’t have to!
  • Our goal is to help you avoid future infestations, so we provide ongoing support and tips for ant prevention.

Common Ants in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, we deal with a variety of different ant species, and at Seitz Bros., we’re experienced in resolving all types of infestations. There are four main ant species that we see more frequently than others that homeowners should know about. They are the odorous house ant, carpenter ant, pharaoh ant, and pavement ant.

For more information about those species, visit our page about common types of ants in Pennsylvania.

Ant Control Services for Your Business

From restaurants to daycare centers to healthcare facilities, ants can be a major nuisance – or worse. With so much at stake, you need to be able to trust that the ant control company you hire will get the job done. At Seitz Brothers, we don’t just have experience providing exceptional commercial ant control – we have experience in your industry.

Since 1975, we’ve provided commercial ant services to industries of all types. Give us a call when you need a solution you can rely on.

When Is Ant Season in Pennsylvania?

Ant season is spring and summer. Spring is when ants emerge from their winter diapause (a hibernation-like state), and over the next several months they become very active in looking for resources and establishing new nests.

However, when ants come indoors into the warmth and shelter of your home and business, they will remain active all year. With that in mind, ants are considered a spring and summer pest, but when they’re indoors, they’re also an all-year pest.

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With the help of our skilled and experienced staff, you can get rid of your ant problem once and for all. Whether there is one colony or a main colony with sub-colonies posing a problem, our professional technicians at Seitz Bros. are ready to get to work for you. 

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