Monthly Maintenance

12 scheduled visits with free unlimited re-service between visits, if necessary. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

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More frequent inspections and treatment allows our technicians to find and treat issues quicker, preventing issues from worsening.

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Thourough exterior and interior inspections with specific attention to common pest problems during each season.

Quarterly Maintenance

Service is provided four times per year with free unlimited return visits if necessary.

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Spring – Exterior inspections and treatment of your home to keep crawling insects from invading.

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Summer – Careful exterior inspections and treatment for pests, especially wasp and hornet nests.

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Fall – Thorough inspections in and around your home for pest conditions and barrier application to keep pests from entering, especially stink bugs and boxelders.

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Winter – Interior inspection and treatment of your home for potential rodent and insect problems, check insect monitor stations and evaluate and treat any pest infestations. Inspect interior/exterior for termite activity.

The Home Protection Plan is designed to provide protection against recurring insect or rodent problems below:

Bees • Bird Lice • Boxelder • Brown Dog Ticks • Carpenter Ants • Carpenter Bees • Carpet Beetles • Centipedes • Citronella Ants • Clothes Moths • Clover Mites • Crickets • Drain Flies • Fleas • Fruit Flies • Grain Insects • Ground Beetles • Honey Bees • Hornets • Mice • Millipedes • Oriental Roaches • Pantry Pests • Pavement AntsPharaoh Ants • Pill Bugs • RatsSilverfish • Slow Bugs • SpidersStinkbugsWasps • Indian Meal • Moths • Yellow Jackets • Springtails

Not included are: Termites, (except if termite protection option is elected), German Roaches, Bed Bugs (except if bed bug protection option is elected), wood boring insects, moles and other free flying insects such as mosquitoes.

$50 OFF

Initial Pest Service

To use this coupon, visit us in-store or online reference this coupon code at checkout:

Offer available to residential customers who purchase a new annual pest control plan. This offer does not apply to commercial services. Cannot be combined with any other offers or coupons. Offer details subject to change. Additional charges may apply for homes over 2000 Sq ft or german roach service.

Expires 07 / 15 / 2024

Family having a pillow fight on a bed - Keep your family safe from bed bugs with Seitz Brothers Pest Control in Tamaqua PA