Do You Need Pest Control in the Winter in Allentown, PA?

With winter on the way, we’re glad to say goodbye to the mosquitoes, ants, and stinging insects that bugged us during the summer months. But do you need pest control in the winter in Allentown, PA? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. Even though you don’t have to deal with summer nuisances during the winter, several pests are attracted to warm areas in your climate controlled home, away from the winter weather.

What pests can survive the winter?

Even if you have managed to live through winters in the past with only seeing a few bugs in your home, you may only be keeping your main living areas free from pests. But the others still lurk, breed, and crawl around in your basement, attic, garage, and just about anywhere inside your home or business.


These cute little furries want to be in your home because it’s warm and they’re hungry. However, once mice are indoors, their presence is a true nuisance and health risk. Since they’re small-boned creatures, they can flatten themselves and squeeze through any small cracks they can find and even chew their way into some spots.

  • They will make nests any place in your home, especially quiet spaces.
  • Their reproduction rate is up to ten times per year, with about 20 days’ gestation time.
  • Mice leave droppings everywhere they go.


These creepy crawlers can fit through even smaller cracks than mice. Spiders can slip in from a garden through a tiny foundation crack or gap. You don’t need to fear most spiders, but the Allentown area does have dangerous brown recluse spiders as well as the Southern black widow. Luckily, brown recluse spiders are not native to Pennsylvania, and only show up when they have stowed away in packages or storage containers.

  • They are drawn to damp and/or dark areas like your basement.
  • Spiders can survive year-round.
  • They are very common invaders within human made structures in the Allentown area.


These insidious insects are around all the time, not just in summer, when your dog is outside. The most common flea, the cat flea, actually feeds on cats, dogs, and humans. The flea population has a cycle:

  • The dog or cat brings in the fleas.
  • The fleas lay their eggs in a dry place, often in your carpet.
  • The nymphs develop into adults, then hop onto your pets.


These silvery, oval-shaped bugs will find your home ideal for their needs. Silverfish feed on all kinds of different materials, both natural and human made:

  • Oats and flour
  • May kinds of paper, especially books
  • Other small insects
  • Mold (seeing several silverfish may indicate water damage in your home or building)

You may be able to mitigate the invasion of these pests by sealing any cracks, as well as storing your food securely and cleaning up after cooking. But that won’t affect any pests that have already made a home inside your home. And they’ll continue to damage and accumulate in your dwelling or business throughout the winter months.

How can Seitz Bros. get rid of winter pests in my home?

To stop these unwanted creatures effectively, you will need winter pest control to maintain a bug-free home in the months when it’s cold outside and warm inside.

The professionals at Seitz Brothers will help you eradicate these enemies. Seitz Brothers, located near you in Allentown, will zero in on your home’s particular pests.

Whether you have an emergency infestation, need winter pest control, or want to keep on top of pests during all seasons, let Seitz Brothers assist with a plan to keep your home or office pest-free. Call us or fill out the contact form on this page to get started!