Once you discover you have a pest problem in your home, don’t delay it because it will only get worse. Make your consultation with Seitz Bros. for quality pest control in Drums for a safe and efficient elimination process. Also, we can show how to prevent a pest problem before it starts so this will not happen in the future. 

Seitz Bros. serves properties in Drums, PA, and the surrounding Luzerne County area. 

Pest Control in Drums

No two properties have the exact pest control needs, even if the home or business is in the same neighborhood. From rodents to roaches, trust your property to the thorough pest control services from Seitz Bros.

Residential Pest Control 

You should feel protected at home without worrying about a pest infestation. Don’t let insects and vermin disturb your peace of mind. If you are noticing a spike in creepy crawly guests in your home, contact us for residential pest control in Drums. Pests are not only annoying and unsightly, but they can also threaten the safety of the people you care about and cause damage to your property’s structure and landscape.

Commercial Pest Control

If a customer or client sees mice, rats, roaches, or any other kinds of pest on your premises, you may lose their business and damage your reputation. Our commercial pest control in Drums will thoroughly inspect your property to find how they got in, help get rid of them, and prevent them from returning.

Common Pests in Drums

Don’t let pests take over your home or business. If you notice any critters that are invading your space, it’s time to contact the professionals. We offer services for the following: 

  • Ants 
  • Rodents and Voles 
  • Mosquitos 
  • Fleas and Ticks 
  • Bed Bugs 
  • Cockroaches 
  • Spiders 
  • Stinging Insects 
  • Termites


There’s no such thing as just a few ants. Once you see ants in your home, there is bound to be a colony hiding out of plain sight. These pests are notorious for finding any crumbs around your home or business and will take over in no time. Our efficient ant control in Drums will stop infestations in their tracks and make sure they have no clear entry ways to get back in. 

Rodent and Vole Control 

The moment you see mice, rats, and voles is a cause for immediate concern because they can do severe damage to your landscape, vegetation, and your home. Feel secure and halt property damage by scheduling a consultation with Seitz Bros. for pest control in Drums when you see these furry and destructive creatures.

Mosquito Control in Drums

Mosquitos have a long history as carriers of disease and annoying people with bites that leave itchy welts. Learn more about our customized mosquito control in Drums by contacting Seitz Bros. We’ll show you mosquito hotspots and other ways to prevent them from finding your yard a popular place to visit and end up staying. 

Flea and Tick Control 

No matter if you live in a heavily populated area or a rural location, it’s hard to avoid fleas and ticks. If you suspect either pest is now in your home, there’s no time to lose. If your pets are fighting off fleas, it’s time to take action before the problem worsens any. We can help with our pest control Home Protection Plan and our One-Time Flea Elimination program.

Bed Bug Control 

Once bed bugs enter your property, over-the-counter products do little to treat these notorious pests, larvae, and eggs from your home or business. Our bed bug control in Drums offers heat and liquid bed bug treatment plans that do the job quickly, efficiently, and with excellent results.

Cockroach Control 

Roaches are incredibly good at hiding. If you see one, chances are you have more in your home or business. Look for cockroach droppings which can vary in size from ground coffee to a grain of rice. Hire a professional for roach control in Drums to accurately identify the type of roach in your home to take the best plan of action.

Spider Control 

Dark, damp, and quiet basements are favorite spots for spiders and insects to prey upon to live. If you have an indicator that your property may be infested, contact the professionals for spider control in Drums. Spiders are great to have around at a safe distance to keep other pests away, but they don’t need to be in your home any longer!

Stinging Insect Control

If you disturb the nests of yellow jackets, whiteface hornets, and paper wasps, their painful stings are severe enough to hospitalize those allergic to their venom. One quick look around your home for nests will be enough convincing to bring in the expert technicians for stinging insect control in Drums. A lot of the over the counter DIY solutions will just aggravate these pests, so make sure you keep your family safe and contact Seitz Bros. 

Termite Control

Your home is a huge investment. Termites are known to be causers of the most structural damage of any pest and can cause thousands of dollars of damage if not treated properly. Our termite control in Drums strategically places bait stations and liquid treatments to make sure the whole colony gets treated. If you have any concerns of an infestation, contact us today and our expert exterminators will inspect your property to see what needs to be done. 

At the first sign of bugs and rodents, schedule a consultation with Seitz Bros. to find the right solution to your infestation problem. We also have programs to check if your property is susceptible to pests. 

An experienced and licensed pest control technician will perform a thorough inspection and create a customized plan for any current pests found on your property and prevent a future infestation.