If you are a home or business owner in Stroudsburg, PA and you are dealing with a pest infestation, be sure to give Seitz Bros. a call as soon as possible. Our friendly, well-trained technicians are always ready to deal with problems in the area. We’ll come at a time that’s convenient for you to offer a free quote on any service.

Our Services

Residential Pest Control

Your home should be a safe place for you and your family to eat, sleep, entertain guests, and relax. If uninvited insects, vermin, or other creatures have taken up residence, come to us for help with Residential Pest Control. We’ll inspect your entire property, including both indoor and outdoor areas, for any potential openings that have allowed the pests to get inside, then provide you with a customized Home Protection Plan.

Commercial Pest Control

No matter what kind of business you run, we can all but guarantee that even one pest will scare away customers and employees alike. Thankfully, we are standing by to help get rid of any and all pests that may invade your commercial space in Stroudsburg, PA. Since every industry is unique, Seitz Bros. has specialized approaches for health care facilities, hotels and restaurants, food retail businesses (including grocery stores), and schools.

Green Pest Control

Would you prefer that we help get rid of your pests in an environmentally-conscious way? Our new Green Pest Control program has you covered. If you choose this approach, we will begin with noninvasive methods including harborage reduction (sealing holes and crevices to make the environment less hospitable to pests). We will also use EcoSMART products, which are formulated with plant oils.

Types of Pests in Stroudsburg, PA


Ants are extremely common throughout the region. A few of the species you are most likely to spot include odorous house ants (which are known to contaminate food), carpenter ants (which are attracted to wood), pharaoh ants, and pavement ants.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notorious for living in your mattress and feeding on you during the night. Once they find their way to a host, they are very difficult to eliminate, and it’s easy to inadvertently make the problem worse. Call us as soon as you suspect that you may have an infestation. 

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees, like other types of bees, have a painful sting. More importantly, they build their nests by boring into wood, doing structural and cosmetic damage to homes and businesses.


The spotted lanternfly, an invasive insect native to Asia, poses a serious threat to agriculture throughout the region. If you notice large quantities of the insects or their eggs on your property, contact us for a lanternfly reduction plan.


Itchy mosquito bites are both irritating and potentially hazardous to your health. You can discourage them from settling on your property by getting rid of any stagnant water and putting screens on all windows and doors.


Rats and mice will contaminate your home or business by helping themselves to food and leaving droppings. Keep them away by storing food in airtight containers and sealing any holes in your home’s foundation.


Unlike many of the aforementioned pests, you probably won’t ever hear or see termites, but they are hugely destructive. Call us for an inspection if you notice any of the potential signs of an infestation, including distorted paint on wood surfaces or mud tubes around your property.


Bigger creatures, like squirrels and racoons number among potential home invaders. Telltale signs of a wildlife infestation include scratching and squeaking noises, urine stains, and disturbed garbage cans.

Other Services

Attic Insulation

Helping to eliminate pests isn’t the only way we can improve your home or business: we also offer attic insulation. A properly insulated attic offers numerous benefits, including reduced heating and cooling costs and better indoor air quality.

If you suspect that you may be sharing your home or business with uninvited guests, don’t hesitate to schedule service with us by contacting us! One of our expert technicians will be happy to offer a free quote on service.