Your Local Exterminator in Scranton, PA

Home and business owners in Scranton have access to a wealth of neighborhoods, communities and thriving businesses. The area brings with it local insects and pests that can do significant property damage. With help from Seitz Bros. Pest Control, we’ll take care of the pests with fast, friendly, and efficient service.

Residential Pest Services in Scranton, PA

Our residential pest control services we offer at Seitz Bros. are designed with homeowners in mind. We start with an indoors and outdoors inspection, examining the potential entry points and assessing for damage. Our technicians have extensive training in inspecting and treating existing infestations as well as providing solutions to help prevent new ones in the future. 

After the inspection, our technician will explain the types of pests found, where they are located, the level of infestation, and recommendations for treatment. Once the treatment is applied, if there’s a need for our technician to do a return visit before your next scheduled appointment, we’ll have someone on the way to your home at no charge.

Commercial Pest Services in Scranton, PA

For a business to maintain a positive reputation, owners have the responsibility of providing their clients, customers, and employees a healthy environment void of any pests. With our custom-designed protection plans in place for a variety of industries, your business can run smoothly without the fear of pest infestations.

From the inspection of the property followed by recommendations of what treatments need to be applied, we’re able to complete treatment without disrupting your business day. Afterwards, we’ll continue to monitor for pests with a scheduled visit once a month. Like our residential customers, if a visit is needed between scheduled appointments, it’s on us. 

Green Pest Control 

As we continue to advance our products to be the most effective for pest removal & control, we also keep up with the latest environmentally friendly technologies. Our New Green Pest Program incorporates safer, healthier practices from first inspection to final treatment. 

Potential Pests

Ant Control

Whether in your kitchen foraging for food and water sources, building mounds in your yard, or tunneling through the structural beams of your home or business to build a nest, ant populations must be controlled to avoid potential damage. Our technicians are trained in ant identification and provide the best solutions for control.

Termite Control

Termites are known for their ability to cause extensive structural damage. During an inspection, our team of termite control specialists will thoroughly inspect your property to gauge the level of infestation. You can choose from 2 treatment processes available to eliminate these destructive bugs. At Seitz Bros., we use either a termite baiting system or liquid treatment to eliminate the problem.

Carpenter Bee Control 

Carpenter bees burrow and nest into wood which can weaken the structural integrity. This can be especially dangerous if it is a part of your home or business. Our one time carpenter bee control service can remove and protect your home from damaging carpenter bees. 

Mosquito Control 

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance and make time outdoors miserable. Not only do they produce itchy bites but they can also transfer viruses and disease. Rid your home of mosquito swarms and protect your property against future infestations with our mosquito control service

Rodent Control 

Rodents, like mice and rats, can nest inside your home while foraging for sources of food and water. They can chew on wiring and furniture, and contaminate food storage with bacteria and disease. Our rodent control service is a way to remove rodents and restore safety to your home. 

Lanternfly Reduction

Lanternflies are an invasive species that are not harmful to humans, but the bugs do a lot of damage to trees and plants. If you have a lanternfly infestation, contact our office and one of our knowledgeable staff can shed some light on creating an appropriate plan to exterminate the pests.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are difficult to remove once they have established themselves in a variety of hiding places in your home or business. We offer two options for bed bug removal. One is a recurring application of several products over a period of weeks. The other is a heat treatment that eliminates bed bugs in 12 hours.

Wildlife Control 

Wildlife that has nested on your property can do extensive damage to yards and building structures. Attempting to remove wildlife yourself might result in an attack or bite. Our technicians can safely and quickly remove wildlife from your property as well as prevent them in the future. 

Additional Services: Attic Insulation

Along with our pest control services, at Seitz Bros. we also offer attic insulation, which is a valuable addition to the comfort and energy efficiency of homes and businesses. If you have any questions about attic insulation, our staff is ready to provide any information you may need.

Pest Control When You Need it Fast

At Seitz Bros. Scranton, PA pest control is just a phone call away. Call us today or send us a message via our online form, and we’ll get back to you to schedule your free quote.