Your Local Exterminator in East Stroudsburg, PA

Whatever the season may be, if you have a pest problem, scheduling an appointment with an East Stroudsburg, PA pest control company should be at the top of the to-do list for home & business owners. With a pest control plan in place, properties are protected from damage-causing infestations.

Residential Pest Control in East Stroudsburg

At Seitz Bros. Pest Control, our focus is helping you maintain a pest-free environment indoors and outdoors. We do this by sending our experienced technicians to your home to do an inspection from top to bottom to find any places allowing pests to gain entry into your home. Our pest specialists are highly trained to look for the source of a pest infestation as well as any signs of a potential problem area.

After a thorough inspection by our technicians, you’ll receive a helpful Home Protection Plan letting you know what they have found. Your home will be treated according to their findings to eliminate the pest problem. If for any reason you need a technician to revisit your home before the next scheduled appointment, one of our staff will be dispatched free of charge.

Commercial Pest Control in East Stroudsburg

Buildings used for commercial purposes are not exempt from potential pest problems. Whether the commercial building is for retail or wholesale items, food oriented, hotel accommodations, or a healthcare facility, having pests around customers and clients can have a negative impact on business. 

Commercial business owners received the same thorough inspection and treatment process as our residential clients. With a treatment plan customized to address your pest problem along with our expert staff and state-of-the art equipment, we can eliminate pests quickly without disrupting your hours of operation.

Green Pest Control in East Stroudsburg

Seitz Bros. Pest Control supports promoting a green environment with its New Green Pest Control Program that does not use harmful chemical additives. 

Pest Control Services

Ant Control

There are many species of ants that can be a nuisance, and one species, the carpenter ant, can be both a nuisance and can destroy wood in homes or businesses. At Seitz Bros. our technicians inspect and identify the type of ant and provide an effective solution for treatment, elimination, and prevention.

Carpenter Bee Control

While carpenter bees are not known to be overly aggressive to humans or pets, they can be when threatened. A carpenter bee tunnels through wood to make their nests. Over time if not controlled, the structural integrity of your home or business can be at risk. Contact Seitz Bros for reliable carpenter bee control!

Lanternfly Reduction

Lanternflies are a new arrival to regions of the U.S. and have quickly become a nuisance pest. While the insects do not bite or sting, they can do significant damage by eating vines, plants, vegetation, and trees on your property. We offer Lanternfly reduction services to help protect the vegetation on your property. 

Mosquito Control

A mosquito infestation is not something to be ignored as they are known carriers of several diseases that impact humans, dogs, and horses. While over-the-counter sprays kill on contact, they do not take care of an infestation as completely as our mosquito control service.

Termite Control

If you see termites or suspect them in your home, it’s time to call in the professionals at Seitz Bros. to eliminate the infestation. We offer services to identify and diagnose the level of termite damage to your home & eliminate the termites. Our services provide several choices in treatments including termite baiting and liquid treatments.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife in and around your home or business can cause property damage. They are also carriers of disease. Because wildlife can be dangerous, it’s best to call on the service of our experienced wildlife control technicians to remove the pests safely.

Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation creates an uncomfortable environment due to their bite, which leaves itchy welts or rashes. At Seitz Bros., we offer a conventional treatment using several products. The treatment process includes recurring services, which can range from four to six weeks. We also offer heat treatments regulated by our technicians that take only 12 hours to clear your home or business of bed bugs.


If your home or business is experiencing a rodent problem, our Home Protection Plan provides full coverage throughout the year. Our technician will inspect and treat your property and suggest monthly or quarterly service depending on the severity of the infestation.

At Seitz Bros., pest control isn’t the only service we offer. We also provide attic insulation services to provide energy-cost savings and to ensure your home maintains a level of comfort year-round.

Seitz Bros. Pest Control Solves Pest Problems

Don’t let pests be a source of worry and aggravation. With a call to Seitz Bros. Pest Control, we can schedule an appointment and provide a free quote to start the process of implementing a reliable pest control plan of action.