Bed Bugs Introduction



Even though bed bugs are small, about 1/5 of an inch, they can be readily seen with the naked eye. Immature bed bugs, or nymphs, are light yellow in color unless they have recently fed on blood and then they are darker in the middle. Adults are reddish brown and they also turn darker after a blood meal.

Where to Look:

Bed bugs are active at night, leaving their daytime resting place deep inside cracks and crevices to seek out human blood. If bed bugs are seen during the day, it usually means that their hiding location has been disturbed, they have contacted a pesticide, or else they are very hungry and are desperately seeking a blood meal. Adult male and female bed bugs, as well as nymphs (young), feed on blood. By checking the bed linens or furniture in the middle of the night you have the best opportunity to find bed bugs on the move.


Preparation For Service:

Step 1: Call Seitz Brothers. We offer FREE estimates and inspections to any property and any size in our service area.

Step 2: DO NOT discard mattresses or furniture until a Seitz Brothers Technician does an inspection. Mattresses and furniture may not need to be discarded if infestation is minimal.

Step 3: DO NOT spray store bought bed bug repellents. This will not only cause bed bugs to scatter but it will counter act any professional products applied.

Step 4: Once our service tech performs the inspection and you are ready for services, Seitz Brothers will schedule appointments for you. Let us know what works best for your schedule we will accommodate.

Step 5: Seitz Brothers has many dedicated professionals to help you through the entire process. Any question or problem…they can handle it!

How we guarantee them GONE:

Seitz Brothers does a 3 step process to exterminate the bed bugs.

Step 1: Pre Treatment – Technician comes to your property and performs a liquid treatment to the interior of the home (beds, furniture, cracks and crevices, and any other infested areas). Liquid treatments typically take care of adult bed bugs.


Technician Performing Crack and Crevice Treatment

Step 2: Heat Treatment- Seitz Brothers Heat Specialist will arrive in the morning the day of service. The team will prep the home with heaters. Heat is then circulated through the home with large industrial fans for several hours. Temperature is monitored regularly until the thermal death point of 135 ° is achieved in all areas of the home and that temperature will be maintained for approximately 5 hours. This is the only known method to kill bed bugs EGG through ADULT.


Heater in a Dining Room

Step 3: Post treatment – This treatment is designed to be the last step in the process. Technician will perform a thorough inspection to the home and will liquid treat the previous problem areas.

After the 3 steps are complete there is a 30 day guarantee on the services from the day of the heat service.

Additional Services:

Bed Bug Monthly: We strongly suggest taking advantage of our bed bug monthly service. A professional pest technician will come into the home on a monthly basis and monitor the situation. In the event of re-infestation, you are completely covered for any additional treatments that might be required as long as you are on this service. We consider this an insurance plan to protect your home and family.