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At Seitz Bros., we receive many different types of service calls from within ‎Hunterdon County NJ. Since we have offices and technicians situated in various locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we can resolve any pest problem within ‎Hunterdon County quickly. We provide free quotes for all of our services, led by our professional pest control team.

Pests in Hunterdon County, NJ

At Seitz Bros., we know everything about bugs and pests — their habits, where they live and breed, and how to get rid of them safely and effectively. With Seitz Bros.’ commitment to training excellence, our highly trained technicians are well qualified to handle any type of pest problem.

Ants– As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you may experience one of the most common invaders: ants. Of the thousands of species of ants, the most commonly found in Pennsylvania and New Jersey include odorous house ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants, and carpenter ants. If you have an ant problem, give Seitz Bros. a call since the growing ant colony can become a problem quickly, as ants mature from juveniles to adults within a matter of days. Here at Seitz Bros., we realize that you do not want these pests in your home, which is why we offer services to prevent and eliminate ant problems. To learn more about our ant control services, click here.

Rodents and Voles– Mice, rats, and voles are the most common rodents in our area that can become a problem for you as a homeowner or commercial property owner. Mice normally find their way indoors searching for food and in order to keep warm through the winter. Since mice have collapsible bodies, they can get into homes through cracks or holes smaller than a dime. Rats are nocturnal. They don’t like change very much, so they are hesitant to enter new homes and additions to homes. They usually nest in basements, and will feed on meat, fish, and cereal. Voles live in a variety of environments. The North American Meadow Vole lives in networks of above-ground “runways” in grassy areas, as well as underground burrows, feeding off the roots of your grass causing grass to die. To learn about our rodent control programs, click here and to learn about our vole control programs, click here.

Mosquitoes– Mosquitoes emerge during the warmer months of the year in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. These pests swarm at outdoor events and breed prolifically in stagnant water–from bird baths to discarded tires–even puddles from the latest rainfall. And, all it takes is one tenacious pest to infiltrate your home and make everyone inside miserable. At Seitz Bros., we specialize in mosquito control to keep you and your family safe. To learn about our mosquito control program, click here.

Fleas and Ticks– Ticks are known to transmit diseases, including Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Tularemia. Once you notice fleas in your home or an increase of ticks in your backyard, it’s nearly impossible to treat the problem on your own. At Seitz Bros., we have decades of experience helping families find a pest prevention and control plan that works best for them. To learn about our Flea and Tick Prevention Plan, click here.

Bed Bugs– Bed bugs, unlike other insects that feed on blood, have never been proven to transmit diseases to humans. However, bed bug bites can cause itchy red welts in some people and are often confused with poison ivy or an allergic reaction of some kind. Many people also find the presence of bed bugs distressing and may have trouble sleeping. Bed bugs are challenging pests that you definitely want to leave to the professionals at Seitz Bros. since trying to eliminate bed bugs on your own with DIY products is rarely successful and may result in spreading the bugs throughout your home. To learn more about bed bug extermination, click here.

Cockroaches– The four main species are the American, German, Brown-Banded, and Oriental cockroaches. Once you have a cockroach infestation, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them by yourself. Cockroaches multiply very quickly, and adapt to their environment very quickly. It is important to contact Seitz Bros. at the first sign of cockroach activity to avoid an escalated issue. To learn more about cockroach control, click here.

Spiders– Spiders can squeeze through cracks and gaps around the exterior of your home, looking for food and shelter. Dark, humid and quiet basements are favorite spots for insects and also for spiders who prey on insects. The most tell-tale sign of spiders taking up residence in your space is cobwebs in hard to reach spots like corners by the ceiling. At Seitz Bros., we assess your spider problem and come up with a plan that’s not only specialized for your home, but is safest for your family and pets. While our technicians perform some of the same removal steps, such as vacuuming, we know what to look for and have years of experience using effective removal and prevention methods. To learn more about our spider control programs, click here.

Stinging Insects– Yellow jackets, whiteface hornets, and paper wasps are the most commonly found stinging insects in Hunterdon County. If you find a stinging insect nest on your property, do not try to remove it on your own. By using DIY methods, you will be aggravating the nest, most likely resulting in a dangerous swarm. With one call to the professionals at Seitz Bros., we will come out and treat and remove the nest from your property quickly and safely. To learn more about stinging insect control, click here.

Termites– Termites fulfill an important role in our ecological system by speeding up the natural process of deterioration and help turn the dead wood into new soil. Unfortunately, termites don’t know the difference between a stump in your yard and the wood in your home. Most people do not know they have termites until they see swarmers, which to the untrained eye look like flying ants. At Seitz Bros., we specialize in termite prevention and active termite management. To learn more about our Termite Service click here.

Home Mortgage Inspection– We, as members of the National and Pennsylvania Pest Management Association provide inspection and property services concerning wood destroying insects on behalf of sellers of real estate in Pennsylvania to buyers, mortgage lenders, and government insurers. Seitz Bros. inspectors have all participated in the wood destroying inspection accreditation program. Seitz Bros. has a commitment to professionalism and proficiency in the reporting of wood destroying insect inspections of homes and other structures. To learn more about our home inspection services, click here.

If you have a recurring pest problem or more than one pest causing problems at your Hunterdon County home or business, you may want to consider our Home Protection Plans. Our Monthly Maintenance and Quarterly Maintenance Plans provide year-round coverage for homeowners and commercial property owners for over 20 common pests.

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