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Keeping a home or business location in top shape is a full-time job. This can range from everyday maintenance tasks like cleaning to scheduling repairs and renovations. There are always many competing priorities, and keeping your property free of pests should be at the top of your list. Insects and vermin can damage your building and pose a threat to your health, but Seitz Bros. is here to help with top quality pest control in Macungie to prevent and treat infestations.

Residential Pest Control

Having pests in your home, either indoors or in your yard, is a serious problem. In the mildest cases, they are a nuisance; in the most severe situations, they can make a home unlivable. When you contact Seitz Bros. for residential pest control in Macungie, we will send an expert technician to your home to perform a thorough inspection of both indoor and outdoor areas. Then, we’ll present you with a customized Home Protection Plan based on your unique situation. If you end up needing extra service between scheduled appointments, we will provide it free of charge.

Commercial Pest Control

Just one pest can have serious consequences when it comes to the health of your business. Pests scare away customers, harm your reputation, compromise food supplies, and more. Don’t try to handle infestations on your own. Instead, contact us for commercial pest control in Macungie. We have experience handling pest problems in many industries and have customized plans for distribution centers, healthcare facilities, hotels and restaurants, schools, and more. We will schedule our service calls so that they don’t interfere with your daily operations.

Common Pests in the Macungie, PA Area

Living with pests can be very stressful for you and your family. You’ve tried all the DIY solutions, but nothing seems to work. Here at Seitz Bros, we offer pest control solutions for the following: 

  • Ants
  • Rodents and Voles
  • Mosquitos 
  • Fleas and Ticks 
  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches 
  • Spiders
  • Stinging Insects 
  • Termites 

Ant Control 

While there are thousands of species of ants across the globe, the ones that you’re most likely to encounter are odorous house ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, and pavement ants. Keep them at bay with our ant control in Macungie. If you do your part in keeping your property free of any crumbs or spills, keeping garbage sealed, and storing food in airtight containers. We’ll do ours to make sure ants will not scavenge into your home again. 

Rodents and Vole Control

Mice and rats can enter buildings through openings as small as a dime, so sealing any holes in your building’s foundation goes a long way towards keeping them out. Voles (not to be confused with moles) prefer to live outdoors, but they can damage your lawn along with trees, flowers, and vegetable gardens. If you notice either of these issues on your property, contact us for our rodent and vole control in Macungie. 

Mosquito Control 

Mosquitoes and their itchy bites can ruin an otherwise pleasant summer evening. Furthermore, they can spread serious diseases including West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. If you have a severe mosquito problem, our mosquito control experts can help by treating the areas of your property where they breed.

Fleas and Tick Control 

Avoid letting fleas and ticks into your home by wearing long sleeves and pants when walking in areas with dense vegetation. Since they often attach themselves to dogs and cats, speak to your veterinarian about the most effective ways to protect your dog or cat. If you do find yourself dealing with a flea or tick problem, call us for pest control in Macungie. 

Bed Bug Control 

Bed bugs hitchhike into your home on suitcases and clothing, then take up residence in your mattress to feed on you during the night. Avoid a bed bug infestation by storing your suitcase on a luggage rack (rather than directly on the floor) in hotels and washing new clothing before wearing it. If you wake up to itchy red bites and notice dark spots on your bedding, chances are you have an infestation that needs to be taken care of. Trying to contain them yourself can oftentimes make the case worse, so trust our bed bug control technicians to get rid of them once and for all. 

Cockroach Control 

Common species of roaches in the local area include the German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, American cockroach, and brown-banded cockroach. Roaches can cause a lot of problems to your health as they can spread germs and make your home unsanitary. If you notice egg casings, droppings, a “musky” smell, or see the roaches themselve, contact Seitz Bros. for roach control in Macungie. 

Spider Control 

Most species of spiders are not harmful to humans, but they can be a nuisance. Spiders can be good for eating other insects trying to get in your home, but you don’t want them inside either. Our technicians are well-trained in spider control methods to stop any infestations and prevent new ones from starting.

Stinging Insect Control 

Stinging insects can damage your property with their nests and pose a serious threat to vulnerable people with their painful stings. If you notice a nest, do not approach it. Our well-trained pest control technicians will be able to get rid of the nest safely and treat the area. A lot of the DIY spray solutions at your local store will just aggravate these insects, so trust our stinging insect control methods to make sure your home is free of these pests. 

Termite Treatment

Termites won’t harm you, but they will do some seriously expensive damage to your building. if you spot mud tubes around your foundation or if any wood is distorted or sagging, termites have made their way into your home and don’t plan on leaving. To get rid of termites or prevent any infestations from happening, contact our expert technicians for termite treatment in Macungie. 

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The longer you wait to address a pest problem, the worse it will get. If you suspect that you may have an infestation, call Seitz Bros. for a free quote on service.