Your Local Exterminator in Allentown, PA

As pleasant an environment Allentown provides for homeowners and business owners, the city also deals with the same issues other U.S. cities face when it comes to seasonal temperatures, inclement weather, and a variety of pests. Several of the most common pests in Pennsylvania are the spotted lanternflies, stink bugs, Asian long-horned ticks, and more, which can make life uncomfortable. Pests are difficult to eliminate, and they cause costly damage. For these reasons, using the professional services of Seitz Bros. Pest Control can support a healthier environment through pest control.

Residential Pest Control

Keeping your home pest free is a priority and one that our staff at Seitz Bros. takes seriously. We make the process as simple as possible starting with your scheduled appointment. When our highly trained technicians arrive, they will conduct a thorough inspection of your home, inside and outside,  looking for any current or potential entry points. Whether there is an active infestation or signs of a potential problem, our technicians are trained to seek out the source.

Once the inspection is completed, a Home Protection Plan is created, including information such as the style of your home, information about the breeding cycle of the pests infiltrating your home, and the severity of the infestation. After your home is treated, if you need a technician to visit your home between scheduled visits, we will send a technician to your home for free.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial company owners do not want to encounter a pest problem, as it can be detrimental to business.  At Seitz Bros., our business is to provide pest services to keep your company up and running strong without worrying about roaches, rodents, and other pests among your customers. We offer custom-designed protection plans to eliminate existing pests and help avoid any reoccurrence of the pests in the future. We do this quickly and discreetly without intruding on your daily business operations.

Our plan of action to treat a business includes an inspection, identifying the pest(s), providing educational information to the customer, followed by application of the treatment, which includes both mechanical and biological products. We also provide follow-up treatments when needed plus continual evaluation.

We service many types of industries from distribution centers and food processing plants to restaurants and schools. Our comprehensive plans include a thorough and in-depth inspection, a customized plan of action, and discreet treatments done once a month. Commercial customers also receive free service if needed between scheduled appointments.

Green Pest Control

Environmentally friendly services are on the rise and Seitz Bros. Pest Control has stayed up-to-date on the latest with our New Green Pest Control Program. The program supports a cleaner and healthier atmosphere and is available to our residential and commercial customers.

Types of Pests in Allentown, PA

Ant Control

Ants seem to always be on the move, which means they can easily become an infestation. While over-the-counter products help, you need our pest control technicians to inspect, determine the type of ant, and apply the appropriate treatment to eliminate the problem.

Bed Bug Control 

Bed bugs can easily travel from place to place, making them highly contagious. Known for their itchy red bite, a bed bug infestation can be problematic especially for those who suffer from allergic reactions. Our bed bug extermination offers liquid or heat treatments to rid your home of the infestation. 

Rodent Control 

Mice and rats often carry bacteria and disease, bringing with them a health hazard should they get into your home or business. They can chew wiring and get into food or water supplies. Protect your property with the help of our rodent control service

Lanternfly Reduction

Lanternflies are an invasive species making their way into multiple eastern states including Pennsylvania. While they do not bite, they are destructive to landscaping, plants, and trees. If you are dealing with lanternflies in your yard, talk to one of our expert lanternfly control technicians about assessing the problem.

Carpenter Bee Control 

Carpenter bees build their nests in softened wood and overtime can cause noticeable damage to wooden structures. Female carpenter bees can sting if they feel threatened. Protect your home from a carpenter bee infestation with our one time service. 

Wildlife Control 

Moles, gophers, groundhogs and other species of wildlife can cause extensive damage to your yard. They build nests and tunnels underground, creating mounds from underneath that disrupt lawns and plantlife. Removing wildlife can be dangerous and difficult to do on your own. Call the experts to remove them safely and to help protect your property against future wildlife infestations

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can make spending anytime outdoors miserable. Not only are mosquitoes irritating, but they are also known carriers and transmitters of disease such as Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, and Eastern equine encephalitis. Our Mosquito Protection Plan provides treatment to areas on your property where mosquitoes are breeding.

Termite Control

Termites cause serious structural damage to homes and businesses every year. The sooner you have your home inspected by Seitz Bros., the better the chances of getting a termite infestation under control. After an inspection and determination of the level of infestation, there are two termite treatment options — termite baiting or liquid treatment.

Finding a Solution to Control Pests

Finding out you have a pest infestation is worrisome. When you’re in need of the top Allentown, PA pest control services, Seitz Bros. Pest Control is the team that solves your pest problem, removes the worry, and provides top-quality services year-round. Call us today for a free quote.