There’s more to Bethlehem than meets the eye. With so much colonial and industrial history, this city has an interesting story to tell, but let’s focus on one daily reality. The residents here live under the threat of an invasion because the pest population is too large to ignore, and it’s only expanding. Did you know that some rodents and insects have the tools to deface and compromise structural elements? In fact, critters cause billions in property damage every year. Homeowners and business managers seek assistance from Seitz Bros to protect their properties in Bethlehem. To gain the peace of mind that you deserve, consider hiring our services.


If you love your home in Bethlehem as much as we think you do, why would you leave it unguarded? Pests lurk in tall grass and beneath the ground. Once they find a crevice on your home, your indoor environment won’t be healthy and comfortable anymore because they will surely move in. However, we will come to the rescue with our time-tested equipment and safe exterminating techniques. Seitz Bros wants to be your go-to company. Since we have complete mastery over integrated pest management, you can count on us to fulfill your needs without harming the environment.


Your place of business can quickly become a hotel for destructive and dangerous pests, so you have made a wise decision. Turning to Seitz Bros is worth your while because you need more than just a personalized solution. We provide protection plans to stop critters from invading again. Rats are able to spread over 35 diseases, but they can’t escape us when we start the exterminating process. This means you can look forward to serving your clients in a pest-free building.


At Seitz Bros, what we strive to eliminate is the possibility of a terrible pest infestation. Time is of the essence because outdoor creatures are eager to secure the things they need. Since food and shelter can be found at your home and your business, you should take action now. Use our services all year to keep these annoying critters at bay:

You can stop wasting your hard-earned money on over-the-counter pesticides. No product on the market is potent enough to produce the long-term results that we can deliver. Our pest exterminators are seasoned and proficient at their jobs. Call Seitz Bros today to get more information and a free quote.