Spotted Lanternfly

What are they?

spotted lantern fly

Spotted Lanternfly


On September 22, 2014, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, confirmed the presence the Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula), in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the first detection of this non-native species in the United States.

spotted lantern fly wings

Spotted Lanternfly Wings


The Spotted Lanternfly is a plant hopper native to China, India and Vietnam, and has been introduced in South Korea and Japan. In Korea, where it was first detected in 2004, the Spotted Lanternfly is known utilize more than 70 species, 25 of which also occur in Pennsylvania, including cultivated grapes, fruit trees, and hardwood species. This pest poses a significant threat to the state’s more than $20.5 million grape, nearly $134 million apple, and more than $24 million stone fruit industries, as well as the hardwood industry in Pennsylvania which accounts for $12 billion in sales.

                           Life Cycle

Spotted lanternfly lifecycle

tree of heaven

Tree of heaven is known to attract the spotted lanternfly but the reason why is unknown. If you have this tree you want to kill 90% of the female population on your property. Leave 10% as “trap trees”. Be careful when handling this tree as it is known to cause headaches, nausea, and possible heart attacks.

slf egg mass

Egg masses are live and viable from about October through July. Scrape them off of trees or smooth surfaces, double bag them and throw them in the garbage, or place the eggs in alcohol or hand sanitizer to kill them








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 Source: Penn State Extension, PA Department of Agriculture