September Pest of the Month

September Pest of the Month: Ladybugs

ladybug eating

Ladybugs can eat up to 5,000 aphids in their lifetime

It’s that time of year, warm summer days and cool breezy nights. There is one pest that will invade your home this time of year to escape the cold and it’s the ladybug or ladybird beetles. Believe it or not they are a beneficial pest because they protect your garden and landscaping from the dreaded aphids. If these colorful house guests have overstayed their welcome and you want them GONE… Seitz Brothers can help!

Why do they want your house?!?!

Ladybugs are attracted to your home for a few reasons but the main reason is your beautiful landscaping. As some species of ladybugs eat pollen, the main reason they are attracted is the aphids that are living on your plants.


What should I do next?

mums in landscaping

Do you like flowers but can’t stand the ladybugs… Plant mums. There is a chemical compound in mums that acts as a natural deterrent.

Calling SEITZ BROTHERS for a FREE estimate and inspection is one way to get rid of these pesky beetles. Upon arrival the technician will inspect the exterior and the interior of your property to see if there are any main entry points. Once a plan is determined, the technician will spray the interior and exterior of your home. This product is safe for your family and pets. Within a few short days you will notice a drastic change and then complete elimination.


When you see ladybugs in your home do not sweep them with a broom. When a ladybug is scared they bleed yellow fluid from their knees and it will stain. The best way is to attach a thin stocking to the hose of the vacuum. Once they are on the stocking, remove the stocking, tie it off and discard. Other ways to eliminate Ladybugs from entering your home is to seal all cracks and crevices that they can enter through. Some entry points are cracks, windows, holes in screens, utility lines and door jams. After all holes are closed your next step is to clean to remove their scent. However this can be impossible in some situations as they live in your walls and ceilings.



So if your home is littered with one to many of these colorful beetles you know where to call! We will always be here to answer our phone and help with the best customer