Sump Pumps


Most waterproofing systems rely on a sump pump as the final mechanism to get the collected water out of foundations. Since the sump pump is the heart of the process, if it fails for any reason, the whole system breaks down and your basement can flood, despite the cost and effort put forth to avoid this.

If you’re going to depend on a sump pump, it should be one that offers:

  • Quality and Reliability
  • Backup Operation During Power Outages
  • Power Levels that can Handle the Heaviest Rains.

Seitz Bros. sump pump systems offer complete protection for these three major concerns that homeowners face when employing sump pumps—plus offer intelligent features for additional security.

All of Seitz Bros. sump pump liners and their matching sump pump covers form attractive, airtight bonds. The patented airtight cover keeps out odors produced from moisture in the sump pump tank, as well as acts as a barrier to pests and radon gas, and it also quiets the pump.

Primary Sump Pumps

sump-primaryBeing in the basement waterproofing business, we have seen and tested just about every sump pump being sold today. We have found Hydromatic cast iron series of sump pumps to be the most reliable, capable and efficient ones available on the market.

Most sump pumps have an average life span of 5 to 10 years. Over a long enough period, it will fail and generally without warning. We can replace your existing sump pump–or if you house isn’t equipped with one–install a brand new system complete with a sealed basin and high water alarm to alert you to any potential problems

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

sump-batteryPrimary sump pumps are powered by your home’s electrical service. When this service is interrupted, which commonly occurs during heavy rain storms, your basement drainage system continues to collect storm water and overflows into your basement.

We offer a full line of Battery Operated Sump Pumps customized for your unique needs. All pumps are designed to operate using a maintenance-free, deep cycle marine battery capable of pumping for several hours until the power is restored.

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