Exterior Asbestos


Asbestos Siding

One of the more common uses that the asbestos fiber found its way into was the creation of siding for residential properties. If your home was built or renovated at any point before the middle of the 1980s, then there is a strong chance that the siding surrounding your home may contain asbestos in it. Now there are thousands if not millions of homes across the country that contain this harmful fiber, and the next logical step is to remove the harmful fibers from the home to restore them to a safe state. Our certified staff is capable of removing the asbestos from your siding, or removing your asbestos-laden siding so that your home can be safe without the worry of breathing or inhaling the harmful asbestos fibers should they ever become airborne. Asbestos fibers may be inert when they are left intact, but there are a number of things that can make these fibers go airborne, and when that happens, there is no escaping their harmful consequences. For this reason, eliminating them from the home sooner rather than later is highly recommended. Call us today to have your asbestos removed.

Asbestos Roofing

Until the early 1980s, asbestos was a material that was widely used both in home construction and commercial construction. One of the most common uses for this asbestos fiber was asbestos roof materials such as shingles and tiles. If your home was built at any point before the middle of the 1980s, there is a chance that your roofing shingles may be made using asbestos. Since this period of time, many roofing shingle and tile manufacturers have worked hard to seek out alternative materials for the purpose of roofing. As a result, asbestos roofing shingles and tiles are far less common in newer construction. Unfortunately, this does not rule out the problems associated with homes built in the past, as home owners have to face the idea of a harmful substance being found within their walls, ceilings and roofs. If you believe that you have asbestos present in your roof or roofing shingles, contact us for your asbestos removal on your roof and shingle.

As part of our asbestos removal service, we provide 3 convenient locations covering places like Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton at our Trexlertown location in the Lehigh Valley; or Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Stroudsburg at our Tannersville office in the Poconos; and Hazleton, Reading, and Lancaster at our Tamaqua Headquarters in Eastern and Central PA. We also service parts of New Jersey and New York. Call today to schedule an appointment and see why you are calling the best asbestos removal service in PA.