October Pest of the Month- Stink Bugs


Recently hatched stink bugs on our office window!

Common Name: Stink Bug

Family Name: Pentatomidae

Description: Adult stink bugs are ½ to ¾ inch long and are shaped like a shield. Their upper body and lower body are both the same color of brownish green. Eggs are tiny and barrel shaped. The babies, Nymphs, are similar to the adults but smaller in size.

Biology: In early fall, adults begin to seek shelter for the winter months. They will emerge in late spring when the weather reaches 70 and up. They then mate and deposit eggs throughout the summer months.  Eggs are attached to many different surfaces (See picture of eggs on Seitz Brothers window).  However they are most often found under leaves. A single female can lay up to 400 eggs. Eggs hatch within a week, and they are adults within 5 weeks. Population is generally at its peak in the fall months.

stink-bug-chartHabits: Stink bugs prefer to eat a variety of plants. The stink bug was recently introduced into the United States with the first siting in Allentown, Pa in 1998. The stink bug has become a real threat to agriculture. This pest is best known to a homeowner as the annoying pest. They are found either flying around the exterior of homes or throughout the cracks and crevices inside. Their name comes from the odor that is emitted from the scent glands when the bug is crushed.



Control: The best way to control them on the inside of your home is to make sure all holes are closed up. Once they find their way indoors you can either get rid of them yourself or call Seitz Brothers!