Bed Bug Heat Treatment

We are your specialist for bed bug heat treatment. We kill bed bugs at all stages of development – from egg to adult.

Some of the most effective new technologies for bed bug control have been the development of heating systems that are capable of superheating infested rooms to kill bed bugs at all stages of development.

There are currently three heating systems being used for bed bug elimination. These are direct fire propane, diesel fired, and electric heaters (we are equipped with all three).

The principles behind these three methods are essentially the same. They are used to raise the temperature inside the affected room/s to 135° F (this temperature will not damage electronic equipment). Heat is blown into the room for several hours. Temperatures in cracks, crevices, and hard-to-reach places are monitored remotely from numerous sensors placed throughout the room. Once the bed bug thermal death point is reached at all of the sensors (135° F), the heating process is continued for several hours to kill all of the bed bugs and their eggs.

Advantages of these heat methods:residents do not have to remove or bag all their belongings and most all infestations can be cured with a single treatment.

Disadvantage of this process: it is time consuming (takes approx. 8-12 hours from setup to take down), and is therefore more expensive than traditional liquid treatments. However when you way the time and costs involved with laundering all belongings and cost to dispose and replace furniture, heat treating is ultimately less expensive and results are seen immediately after the heat treatment.

Our electric heat system uses electric heaters to generate the heat needed to treat a room or apartment (typically a 4- heater system will treat 900-1500 sq. ft.). The heaters are placed in the infested room and powered by a generator located outside. High velocity fans are used to blow the heated air into all corners of the room. The temperature of the room will increase over a period of time and are monitored until each has reached 135°F. This temperature is adequate for killing bed bugs, but not high enough to damage belongings inside the home.

Our propane and diesel heat system uses fueled heaters to generate the heat needed to treat an infested apartment unit or home. The propane heater is located outside the building and the heat is funneled into the home or apartment through insulated duct work. The ducts are extended into various areas of the home creating positive pressure as the heat is continuously blasted into the home or unit. The temperature of the room will increase to 135°F, heating bed bugs harborages to the thermal death point, but not damaging items in the home or apartment.

Heat treating is one of the few methods that can be used alone for bed bug control. However, we recommend a chemical/heat/chemical program. We have found this to be the most effective method of treatment. All bed bug heat treatment work is guaranteed for 30 days from the day of heat, when done in conjunction with the liquid pre and post treatments that follow our recommended protocol. Prep sheets will be provided outlining the necessary work to be completed prior to each service.

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